March 29, 2022 - TRA Newswire -

San Antonio, the 7th largest U.S. city with no area-wide public rail system, is in line to get $158 million from President Biden's 2023 budget request for.... more buses.

Biden released his FY 2023 budget last Friday and it outlines how $142 billion for the U.S. Department of Transportation should be spent. The request includes $78 billon in required funds, $36 billion in emergency advance budget authority and almost $27 billion in discretionary funds.

$4.45 billion is recommended by the USDOT for 15 rail and bus rapid transit (BRT) projects. A Capital Investment Grant (CIG) of $158 million is proposed for a San Antonio bus effort.

The Advanced Rapid Transit North South Corridor Bus Rapid Transit project was created by VIA Metropolitan Transit. The 11.7 mile BRT line would operate on a dedicated lane with fewer stops than regular bus service. It would stretch from the north side of town at the San Antonio International Airport, through downtown to Steves Avenue on the South side. It would connect San Antonio College, VIA Metro Center, the downtown corridor and some dense commercial and residential areas.

U.S Secretary of Transportation Peter Buttigieg said “The investments in the president’s budget make traveling safer, easier, cleaner and more affordable for the American people. From roads, tunnels and bridges to airport and port improvements, electric vehicle chargers, safe bike lanes and more, we are building a first-rate transportation system for all Americans, according to Buttigieg.

The San Antonio BRT project would come out of a $21.1 billion budget request for the Federal Transit Administration. $17.9 billion has been proposed for the Federal Railroad Administration and $3 billion for Amtrak.

"The President’s Budget combined with the advanced appropriations from the IIJA provides the transit investment needed to meet growing community demands for increased mobility choices that will reap economic and environmental benefits nationwide," according to Paul Skoutelas, president and CEO of the American Public Transportation Association,